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An Athletic Enrichment Program
For Boys and Girls Ages 5 and Up
Youth Self-Defense Karate & Safety Awareness

"Program Founded & Directed by USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee"

Welcome to America's Youth Outreach Programs.
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We are a non profit organization dedicated to providing low-cost after school athletic
 enrichment programs for children 5-15 years of age.  Since 1986, we have been working
 with local community organizations such as City and County Parks and Recreation,
School Districts, Boys & Girls Clubs, and YMCAs', YWCAs'.
America's Youth Outreach Programs
Life Skills Taught
This program is designed to build Honor, Discipline, Respect, Self Confidence,
Concentration and Physical Fitness, many times improving our youths social
interaction and academic performance forever!!! 
Stranger Danger Awareness Taught

A.Y.O.P. Goals
Our main goal is to provide low-cost, affordable, community
outreach programs to our children and their families.

A.Y.O.P. Focus
Our focus is to provide teachers that are positive role models
for the kids helping them to build a stronger future.

A.Y.O.P. is a Nonprofit Organization